Certified PRO Warranty

Certified PRO installers can offer an extended warranty to their customers:

For Certified PRO's qualified in Heated Floors

Warranty - FH visualCertified PRO instalers can offer 20 Years Total Care Warranty on nVent RAYCHEM floor heating installations. A floor heating system installed by a Certified PRO installer gets an extra 8 years of warranty compared to the 12 Years Total Care Warranty.

Total Care = doing what it takes to assure a warm floor
In the rare event that our product would fail and we cannot repair it, we will not only provide you with a new product and pay the costs of installing it. We will also take care that the floor covering is repaired or replaced to the equivalent standard.

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For Certified PRO's qualified for Gutters

Certified PRO installers that have followed the training course for roofs and gutters can give an extended warranty of 12 years to their customers on the cabling and 6 years on the controllers of the Gutter Snow Melting products.

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Warranty - Gutters

How can you get the extended warranty?

In order to get the Extended Warranty, the installation needs to be performed by a Certified Pro installer and to be registered. You can register your installation here.

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