nVent RAYCHEM MONI-PT100-EXE-SENSOR temperature sensor


The RAYCHEM MONI-PT100-EXE-SENSOR is a hazardous area approved sensor.

The RAYCHEM MONI-PT100-EXE-SENSOR is a three-wire platinum RTDs (resistance temperature detectors) typically used with control and monitoring systems when accurate temperature control is required. The sensor has an M16 cable gland preinstalled on the sensor lead including brass, sealing washer, locknut and earth tag.

Technical Specifications

Area of useHazardous environment Zone I
TypePT100 (3 wire)
Materialextension cable and tip both stainless steel (MI).
Temperature measuring range–100°C to +500°C
Maximum exposure temperature tip+585°C
Length2 m
Diameterca 3 mm
Maximum operating temperature (for the gland)–50°C to +55°C


Connection and Protection