nVent RAYCHEM MONI-PT100-EXE/MONI-PT100-EXE-AMB Temperature Sensor


The RAYCHEM MONI-PT100-EXE is a hazardous area approved sensor including junction box.

The RAYCHEM MONI-PT100-EXE is a three-wire platinum RTDs (resistance temperature detectors) typically used with control and monitoring systems when accurate temperature control is required. The sensor is terminated in a black glass fiber reinforced polyester junction box with 4 front entry cage clamp terminals. The M20 EEx e cable gland is preinstalled.

Technical Specifications

Area of useHazardous environment Zone I
TypePT100 (3 wire)
Materialextension cable and tip both stainless steel (MI).
Temperature measuring range–100°C to +500°C
Maximum exposure temperature tip+585°C
Length2 m
Diameterca 3 mm
Connection and Protection