nVent RAYCHEM HWAT-T55 thermostat for Hot Water Maintenance Systems


The HWAT-T55 thermostat is designed for operation with RAYCHEM Hot Water Maintenance System in small pipe networks or for branches up-to 50m.

It is compatible with self-regulating heating cable

Key Benefits:

  • Energy savings:
    • When using HWAT-L the heating cable system can be switched OFF or ON (e.g. during absence)
    • With HWAT-M / R there's a choice of three preset temperatures 55/50/45 ° C; Ideal for fresh water technology
    • 3 operating modes: ON; ECO; OFF
    • Integrated clock & extra energy savings (Eco) for off-peak usage
  • System monitoring:
    • Over temperature alarm: if a temperature over 66 ° C is measured the system will be switched off to avoid scalding and calcification
    • Lower temperature alarm to avoid unnecessary heating & extra energy consumption when possible hot water storage problems occur
  • Easy installation and operation

Technical Specifications

Technical data

Supply voltage 9 W/m
Relay output Heating cable 230 Vac
Power consumption 200 m
Terminal 65°C
Temperature setting range 85°C
Ambient temperature range during transportation T6
Switching hysteresis +/- 2K
Ambient Temperature-range operation 0°C to 40°C
Approvals: CE, VDE, RoHS & REACH

Programmable parameters

Sensor Sensor shortcut warning;
Sensor open warning/ 2-wire sensor is not connected
Hot water storage Temperature exceeds 66°C;
Measured temperature is 5 K lower than target temperature after first cycle
Heating cable Heating relay output
Heating cable connection

HWAT-T55-SENSOR : Temperature sensor

Type Line sensor Type NTC 2.0K @ 25°C
Sensor cable length 10 m ( 2–wire)
Connection and Protection