nVent RAYCHEM ACS-30 Multiple application, multi-circuit control & monitoring system


ACS-30 Multiple application, multi-circuit control & monitoring system for trace heating systems in buildings

ACS-30 is a multi-application centralised control & monitoring system with distributed control panels preconfigured for hot water temperature maintenance , pipe frost protection , greasy waste and fuel flow maintenance , freezer frost heave prevention , roof & gutter de-icing , surface snow melting and underfloor heating applications.

Key benefits:

  • Control and monitor every trace heating system within you building or group of buildings from a single user interface.
  • Log energy use data for system optimisation and power management.
  • Track and log alarm "Events"; ensure the trace heating systems run as expected.
  • Enjoy fast commissioning of multiple systems with offsite programming and integration.
  • Circuit by circuit control & monitoring allowing system optimisation and performance monitoring.
  • Connect ACS-30 to you Building Management System (BMS) for total Control & Monitoring.

Features include:

  • Integrated electrical and circuit protection in accordance with European electrical norms
  • Automated self-test feature to ensure all circuits are functional, even when not in use
  • Position the user interface in the most convenient location for the user, and the Power control panels at convenient locations throughout the building (or group of buildings)
  • Reduces power distribution wiring
  • Local and centralised alarm functionality.
  • Single user-interface terminal to monitor all of the heating circuits with data logging
  • Expandable, modular system build-up to accommodate additional trace heating systems within the building (or building complex.)

Technical Specifications

RAYCHEM ACS-30 is a modular system comprising:

Product Description
ACS-30-EU-UIT2 User Interface Terminal
ACS-30-EU-PCM2-xx-20A Power & Control Module with 20A Circuit protection per circuit.
ACS-30-EU-PCM2-xx-32A Power & Control Module with 32A Circuit protection per circuit.
ACS-30-EU-MONI-RMM2-E Remote monitoring module
ACS-30-EU-VIA-DU-20-MOD Surface Snow melting multi-sensor module
ACS-30-EU-EMDR-10-MOD Roof and gutter snow melting & de-icing multi-sensor module

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