nVent RAYCHEM SBS-xx-Hx-ECO-10 Control panels for Hot Water Temperature Maintenance systems


Multi-Circuit control panel

The SBS-XX-HX-ECO-10 control panel for hot water temperature maintenance systems provides a totally integrated solution for the control of RAYCHEM self-regulating heating cables for single pipe hot water temperature maintenance applications. The control panel comprises the energy efficient HWAT-ECO control system with integrated standard, economy, and “Tap time” set-back timer functions.

The control panel also includes monitoring of the boiler output temperature and low temperature alarm in the event of low boiler output temperature. A BMS connection is provided to allow controller override switching between maintain mode, setback mode, or legionella prevention mode (when using HWAT-R heating cable only).

SBS-06-HV-ECO-10 and SBS-09-HV-ECO-10 includes additionally an integrated time shift logic module for phased switch-on of the heating circuits to prevent in-rush surges when the circuits are activated.

The SBS-XX-HX-ECO-10 panels switches up to 9 circuits of HWAT-L or HWAT-R self regulating heating cable. The panel also includes electrical circuit protection devices (C-type circuit breakers and RCD protection) for safety and peace of mind.

Key benefits:
  • Integrated electrical safety, control, and heater connection of multiple heating circuits from the heat tracing manufacturer.
  • Alarm function for system monitoring.
  • BMS input available.
  • Boiler monitoring sensor for low temperature alarm.
The panels need only be connected to the 400Vac (3 phase) supply.

Technical Specifications

Control HWAT-ECO Smart control device, pre-installed and electrically connected
Supply voltage 400V (3 Phase)
Circuit voltage 230V / 50/60Hz Customer specific (quick and easy menu driven set-up)
Sensor Boiler output temperature sensor (Line sensor) PTC KTY 81-120 or PT100
Panel approval CE (Approved to IEC61439)
Mains switch 32A-63A
RCD 30mA
Line circuit breakers 20A (Type C) per heating circuit
Selector Switch Auto / Manual heating circuit mode
Alarm function 1 general potential free alarm contact; Alarm light indicator on panel front
Colour Structural paint, RAL 7035, light grey
Protection class IP65
Installation location Indoor
Ambient temperatures +10 ° C to +35 ° C

Cabinet Type SBS-01-HM-ECO-10 SBS-03-HV-ECO-10 SBS-06-HV-ECO-10 SBS-09-HV-ECO-10
Number of heating circuits 1 3 6 9
Housing Version Wall-mounted Wall-mounted Wall-mounted Wall-mounted
Dimensions width mm 400 400 600 600
Height mm 600 600 600 600
Depth mm 210 210 210 210
weight approx. kg 32 32 45 45

The SBS-XX-HX-ECO-10 control panel is compatible with the RAYCHEM hot water temperature maintenance cables:

Connection and Protection