nVent RAYCHEM ACS-30-EU-PCM2-xx-32A Power & Control Module for ACS-30


ACS-30-EU-PCM2-xx-32A for distributed power and control in commercial and residential buildings

The RAYCHEM ACS-30-PCM2-xx-32A (PCM) is a modular power distribution and control panel for the ACS-30 control system.

The robust enclosure is approved for non-hazardous installation indoors. The PCM provides connection to the incoming power supply and power distribution & electrical protection to the heat tracing circuits.

The PCM module also provides:

  • Ground fault monitoring
  • Line current monitoring
  • Alarm capability
  • RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) input capability for each individual heating circuit


  • Decentralised PCMs can be located near to the trace heating system, with centralised control at the User Interface terminal (UIT).
  • Pre-installed with electrical safety and circuit protection devices to make installation quick and easy.
  • Control logic built-in to ensure a disconnection for the UIT does not result in loss of service.

Technical Specifications

ACS-30-EU-PCM2-5-32A ACS-30-EU-PCM2-10-32A ACS-30-EU-PCM2-15-32A
No. of heating Circuits 5 10 15
Max. No of Panels to a single UIT 52 26 17
Mains Switch 1 x 80A, 4-Pole 1 x 125A, 4-Pole 1 x 160A, 4-Pole
No. of PT100 Sensors inputs 5 10 15
Circuit current sensors 5 10 15
Panel Dimensions 760mm x 760mm x 300mm 1000mm x 1000mm x 300mm 1000mm x 1400mm x 300mm

* ACS-30 UIT can control and monitor up to 260 individual circuits of trace heating.

Approvals CE Approved
Colour RAL7035 (Light Grey)
Enclosure material Powder coated Metal
External IP rating IP54
Internal IP Rating IP20
Installation Location Indoors, non-hazardous areas.
Ambient operating temperature range 0-35°C.
Voltage 400Vac / 230Vac (configurable), 3L/N/PE. 50-60Hz.
Max load per heating circuit 32 Amps
Communication with UIT 2 wire RS-485 (shielded, twisted pair) maximum length 1200m (total between all PCMs and UIT.)
Connection and Protection