Energy Consumption Calculator


The Power Consumption Calculator for comfort heating with the nVent RAYCHEM underfloor heating system.
The range of power outputs for comfort heating:
New Construction - good insulation35 W/m2 - 60 W/m2
Renovation - good insulation60 W/m2 - 100 W/m2
Insufficient insulation - more output required>100 W/m2
The above values are for comfort floor heating. Make a heat-loss calculation if in doubt (insulation, room size, number of windows, ...)
Use the Power Consumption Calculator to calculate the approximate power consumption of different floor heating types. In a typical set-up:
  • enter your electricity cost per kWh
  • enter the surface to be heated
  • enter the hours when you want the floor heating system to be switched on – during weekdays and weekends.

      Then, click the "Calculate" button at the bottom of the form.
      The Power Consumption Calculator will then display:
      • the total numbers of hours that your RAYCHEM underfloor heating system will be switched on
      • an approximate, average cost per day of the various systems, such as the RAYCHEM underfloor heating system

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