Pipe Freeze Protection

Our proven self-regulating cables keep buildings safe from harm, even in the harshest winter conditions. They're easy to design, energy-efficient and offer a reliable, long lasting solution.

Pipe Freeze Protection Heat Trace System

nVent RAYCHEM pipe freeze protection heating cable systems prevent pipes from freezing. Freezing weather conditions can cause pipes to burst, causing damage to pipework and property due to water leakage. RAYCHEM’s self regulating frost protection systems work to prevent this winter hazard. Frost-Protection-For-Pipes.jpg

In  very cold conditions, thermal insulation alone cannot fully protect pipes from freezing. Harsh weather may also cause fuel lines to clog. RAYCHEM frost protection systems safeguard water pipes, fire mains, sprinkler systems and fuel oil lines from frost in severe winter conditions.

RAYCHEM self regulating cables ensure:

- Pipework remains intact even in extremely cold temperatures.
- Energy usage is optimised, thanks to self regulating cable technology.
- Smart control of the protection system with innovative temperature controllers.
- Robust, long lasting, connection devices, either RayClic or high quality heat shrinkable connectors.


nVent RAYCHEM Pipe Freeze Protection System

Reasons to use RAYCHEM frost protection systems

Simple design and a variety of formats to suit application needs

It’s simple to design of pipe frost protection systems with the easy-to-use TraceCalc.Net Construction tool. It provides a bill of materials, product and electrical design. There’s a full range of solutions for installation too:

- FlexiClic modular self regulating solutions combines modular RAYCHEM heating cable units of variable lengths with insulation and smart control units

- FrostGuard pre-terminated self regulating kits, with plug and cold lead cable

- WinterGard / FS self regulating cable on a reel, for on-site cut-to-length capability

- RayClic connection devices

Reduce operating energy usage by up to 80%

Self-regulating heating cables adjust their power output in response to ambient temperatures. Combined with a RAYSTAT-ECO-10 control unit, RAYCHEM self-regulating heating cables form an energy-efficient frost protection system.  The RAYSTAT-ECO control unit uses Proportional Ambient Sensing Control (PASC) technology to calculate the optimum heat requirements for the system.

Calculate how much energy you can save using the right control unit and how fast your investment pays back with the energy consumption calculator.

Cut on site – cut installation time

RAYCHEM self-regulating heating cable can be cut to length on site. And the RayClic connection system cuts installation time by 80%: inserting the stripped cable into the module and tightening two screws is all it takes.

Self-Regulating Heating Cable Technology

At the heart of every nVent RAYCHEM heating cable is an intelligent self regulating core. RAYCHEM cables can be overlapped at valves, taps or sprinkler heads without any risk of overheating. Furthermore, major cost savings can be made by the smart controller:


Proportional Ambient Sensing Control (PASC)

PASC is a complex algorithm constructed to provide the optimum duty cycle of the controller based on environmental ambient temperature and temperature change.

  • Where a simple ambient sensing thermostat would energise a heating cable system by 100% after reaching the set point temperature  (usually +5°C), the PASC algorithm assesses the  ambient temperature and the rate of temperature change in order to assess the optimum energy efficient duty cycle.

The result is that where an on/off type ambient sensor is powered 100% of the time below the set point temperature, a PASC enabled control would spend only a fraction of the time energised, resulting in significant extra savings whilst ensuring freeze protection.

Pipe Freeze Protection Case Studies

Key Challenges

Development of a brand new 60,000 seater, premiership standard football stadium in North London for Arsenal Football club. The stadium developers had a requirement for an energy efficient frost protection system to exposed cold water feeds, catering sites and fire sprinklers. High profile development projects require the best solutions, particularly in support of the building services. The challenge was to work with M & E consultants Buro Happold to design a reliable system that would compliment such a prestigious stadium and one that would be easy to install due to the large meterages involved particularly with the frost protection. We were asked to come up with a solution that provided considerable energy savings for the entire project which the nVent RAYCHEM self regulating cables satisfied more than adequately.


The consultants and owners needed to be sure they were getting a reliable pipe freeze protection system, and problems in the future especially on game day which could have disastrous results! With the RayClic connections they were getting a safe, secure connection as well as a quick install over heat shrink technology. The RAYSTAT-ECO-10 controllers allowed them to switch on the heating cables only when absolutely necessary to make considerable energy savings.


Frost protection heating cables FS-A/B/C-2X: 5.5 KM

RAYSTAT-ECO-10 control units: 10


Thanks to the Proportional Ambient Sensing Control (PASC) algorithm within the RAYSTAT-ECO-10 control, the pipe freeze protection system benefits from energy savings in excess of 50% when compared with standard ambient temperature control options.

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