Total Care Warranty


Up to 20 years without worries with a different warranty concept

Quality products – installed and checked by a professional electrician – assure home owners the comfort of a warm floor with Total Care. When installing nVent RAYCHEM floor heating systems, electricians can now offer a 12 Year Total Care Warranty to their customers. And the full support of a quality brand comes with it. Certified Pro installers can extend the Total Care Warranty up to 20 years.

Total Care = doing what it takes to assure a warm floor

In the rare event that our product would fail and we cannot repair it, we will not only provide you with a new product and pay the costs of installing it. We will also take care that the floor covering is repaired or replaced to the equivalent standard.

The quality to support it

The quality of our products is superior. We’ve proven that in numerous installations – in industrial, commercial and residential construction. Behind this quality are: careful selection of the right materials, continuous process improvements and extensive quality control. Our major manufacturing and distribution plants have been approved to ISO 9001 norms year after year.

The concept in a nutshell

For the complete information, download the Warranty Certificate and Registration form

The Total Care Warranty is valid in all European and CIS countries and covers all defective RAYCHEM floor heating systems.

It only is valid if

  1. The products are installed by a qualified electrician according to applicable rules and regulations, and in accordance with our installation instructions.
  2. The warranty registration form is completed and signed by the electrician.
  3. The registration form is kept by the property owner, together with photographs and/or sketches from the installation.
  4. For the 20 years to apply the installation must be done by a Certified Pro installer and it must be registered online

We’ll have the right response for each situation. We...

  1. Repair or replace the Products - free.
  2. Restore the floor to the equivalent standard - free.
  3. For thermostats, the warranty is limited to the supply of a new product for 12 years.

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