Fire Rated Wiring

Smart Pyro MI Solutions

Pyro MI Performance Wiring cable provides system integrity for critical applications for fire safety of buildingsFire-Rated-Commercial.jpg

Why do building designers and fire prevention specialist chose Pyro fire-rated cables?

- True fire survival capabilities - cables do not burn under fire conditions
- Compact: overall cable diameter of Pyro mineral insulated cable is much smaller than polymeric alternatives, making it a space saving solution
- Highest degree of electrical screening. With a copper jacket surrounding the core conductors, the cable boasts the highest levels of electro-magnetic interference protection, and maximises electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), enabling the cables to be installed with minimum separation from other cables.

Fire-Rated Cable solutions which measure up to the standard

nVent PYROTENAX MI cables meet all the performance requirements of current cable approvals for life safety and fire fighting critical systems and for fire alarm systems. Pyro MI is the safest solution for all types of application, providing complete peace of mind.

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