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Certified Pro installers
  • Can extend the 12 Year Total Care Warranty to 20 Years.
  • Have followed detailed training on the nVent RAYCHEM floor heating products.
  • Offer the right product for each application

Why become a RAYCHEM Certified Pro installer?
  • Offer 20 Years Total Care Warranty on RAYCHEM floor heating installations. A floor heating system installed by a Certified Pro electrician gets an extra 8 years of warranty compared to the 12 Years Total Care Warranty.
  • Participate to practical and hands-on trainings on: product selection, installation tips, testing and commissioning, sales techniques, construction directives and guidelines.
  • Generate additional business using RAYCHEM’s promotional tools.
    • Be listed as Certified Pro on RAYCHEM’s website
    • Get RAYCHEM lead referrals from exhibitions (or attend them), PR
    • Use template for advertisements on request
    • Create enhanced quotes with installation plans using RAYCHEM Floor Heating Planner Software
  • Be member of the Certified Pro network of specialists
    • E-newsletter with latest developments, tips & tricks
    • Focus group discussions and new product evaluation

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